Monday, June 30, 2008

Great weekend

This years Kali Sikran Viking Camp, was different than previous years. The main diffence is that we were more people, and it was from friday to sunday. It was great being over a weekend, because it was easier to get time off work to attend, and we did not have to spend our precious holiday time.

Johan and Øystein did a great job in advance with Team Ki´s Anders Blomberg. The invitation and information, before hand set a new standard for us. We got our tickets in advance, which we traded for arm bands on arrival. The hotels we were recommended was fantastic, people with kids stayed in Sandefjord Spa hotel, where there was a pool and lots of activaties for kids. We stayed in SAS Fredrikstad, a high standard hotel, which we got for a very reasonable price. Others who were on a budjet stayed in Team Ki´s training hall for free.

This year Kali Sikaran practitioners not only got to train with Punong Guro Johan Skålberg, but they also got a chance to get classes held by Scandinavias highest graded Kali Sikaran instructors.
The training was set up so that it was divided by grade or skill level, this was to ensure everyone got the best training possible for there level.

Saturdays Kali Sikaran sparring tournament was very popular with a lot of participants. This was a great chance for everyone to put what they have learned to the test.

Grading on saturday was also a part of the seminar. We got 2 new Kadua Guro´s Baard and Sophie from Kristiansand, as well as 2 new kadua guro´s in Gothenburgs club. Congratulations to everyone who got new grades.

We all had a really great weekend all 16 people from Kali Sikaran Kristiansand. It was great meeting everyone again, meeting everyone is as important as the training. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Xmas special in Gothenburg in december.


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